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Easy & Gentle Pregnancy Fitness



Walking is your best introduction to exercise.  Begin with a mile and gradually increase it by 10 % each week so you continue to improve your fitness.  Your eventual aim should be to cover about 3 miles a day - you can break this up into 4 - 15 minute, or 2 - 30 minute walks.  Try and get a fitness app or watch that monitors the steps or moves you take.  I'd also suggest you start squatting, as this will prepare your body for delivery, particularly your hips and increase the strength in y our legs.  Hold onto a door knob with door open or use the back of a chair.  Squat down, sticking out your bottom so your knees are above your ankles.  A rolled up mat or a few books under your heels will make this exercise easier to start with.

Iphone - Steps Pedometer & Step Counter Activity Tracker
Android - Runtastic Pedometer

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