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Our REAL Pregnancy Diary Week 18

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Welcome to my own personal Pregnancy Diary.  My name is Helen and I am the founder and owner of Pink Pixie Maternity

I am already blessed with 2 beautiful girls (aged 6 & 8) but this is the first pregnancy after becoming the creator of Pink Pixie Maternity, so I feel this is a perfect time to share some real life pregnancy ups and downs and a perfect time to try out my own clothing designs.

We are starting at week 18 as I wanted to wait until the news really started to become real.  The first 14 weeks were not great to be honest, the tiredness was awful, I felt like a child having to stop and have at least one nap every day, however I am starting to feel much more like my self again now!  I am not sure how other working mums feel, but I don't have TIME to be sleepy! 

SO... It seems I have developed a bump pretty much over night, I thought I would start to "show" sooner as this is pregnancy number 3, but little bumpety bump is taking its time, or may be I am so much busier these days I don't have time to notice? 
I am pretty sure I am starting to feel baby move, but a little part of my brain refuses to admit this is the case... it just doesn't seem real.. I'm not sure when it will really sink in.

Clothing is starting to become a little bit of a struggle, which you may find odd, considering I own a maternity clothing company, I have to admit, we (pink pixie) do sell some "Maternity Jeggings" which I have to say, I have never given much thought too, however they are by far my most favorite wardrobe item! Comfortable, Stretchy, Light but some how different to leggings.  I am definitely a fan!, If the stock is showing "zero" I am sorry to say its because I am wearing them LOL

The other item which is at the top of my list is a "bump band", These stretchy little bits of fabric are great, not only are they ideal for wearing your old jeans (just leave your jeans undone and let the bump band hold them up!) but as a bigger lady my self, it helps smooth out any lumpy bits into a nice smoother bump rather than just looking flabby :-)

Weight Gain: +7lbs
Body: Bump had appeared over night
Skin: I usually have fairly clear skin, but this week I have broken out in very rough dry spots.. worse on one side.. its not pretty  :-(  I assume its pregnancy related??

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