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Our REAL Pregnancy Diary Week 19

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When Will I Start To Show?

Well I can tell you... week 19!  Even though this is baby number 3 for me, apart from looking a little rounder all over, including the ass .... [angry face],  I have still been missing that all important baby bump.. but this week my little bump has popped out of know where! YAY!  Up until recently I haven't felt particularly pregnant however I instantly feel heavy, achey, and to be honest a bit useless, maybe its all in my mind?

The clothing saga continues and believe it or not, I have just had to buy some H&M Jeans and maternity clothing. SHOCK :-(

Maternity Skinny JeansMaternity Skinny JeansMaternity Jumper

  So here's the shopping basket, 2 pairs of skinny jeans (same design, different colour) at £29.99 each and a maternity Jumper for £24.99.  I am not holding out a lot of hope for these, only as a bigger person in general, most things don't look quite as good on me as the do on the model.. but if they fit, I'll take it!  I have a feeling that the jeans are going want to slip down and the top will make me took too "busty", having said that, the weather has changed and I'm cold, so I might just have to deal with it.
(look at her, flaunting leather maternity trousers.... [raspberry] 

If I feeling brave, I might even post a picture, although who would want to see that? LOL

Who's Feeling Movement?

Well I am!  I've been feeling the flutters for a couple of weeks now, but only this week can I say hand on heart, yes that's definitively the baby kicking.  This is good for me/us as it makes me take every thing a little more seriously, I have to admit I am severely missing the evening glass of wine, but a nudge from baby reminds me to put the glass back down, surely a little wont hurt?

Total Weight Gain: +9lbs 
Body: Fat :(
Skin: Cleared up from last week, I think this was some thing kindly donated by my children 
Bump: Yes, quite noticeable now, in my opinion :-)

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