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Its Official, Week 19 Maternity Clothes are an Essential Item!

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Its official, I can no longer "get by" with my old clothes.  Up until now I have been sticking with the stretchy tops and my old leggings, well no more (to be completely honest, for the last 6 weeks, I have simply been allowing my self to "breath out" hehehe)

I wore my "old faithfuls" to walk the kids to school this morning and by the time I got back, I was ready to go "Incredible Hulk" and rip the waist band open.  As luck would have it, I once stocked some maternity leggings for Pink Pixie, however as the tagging was not quite correct (stickers instead of proper labels) I never actually listed them for sale in the shop or on the website, and WOW and I glad I kept them! I have now popped into work to grab a pair and I am actually very very surprised by how nice they are! Maybe I should make them available for sale after all?

I will go as far as to say they are actually quite cute, these are the 2 tone plum colour, with plum legs, black bump band and a little rear pocket, and the best thing is that they are comfortable! Lets see how they wash.

Note to self.... Beat children later for touching
the mirror with sticky fingers {grrrr}

Dreaded Weight Gain..

I have had to admit defeat today and admit, Ive gone up a dress size :-(  
Obviously doing the job that I do, (Pink Pixie Maternity) I have many samples hiding around my house, and in urgent desperation I rummaged through the sample box and found a pair of size 10 16 maternity linen trousers, however after ironing and donning the garment, I found that they are simply too tight around the hips, it doesn't matter which way I pull or tug or fold, they don't fit, its a sad day :-(  Which leads me onto my next paragraph/dilemma..

My shopping delivery has just arrived and I bought these treats for the kids lunch boxes... 


Enough Said.


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