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Pregnancy Week 21 - Saggy Bum? I have the ANSWER for ALL pregnant women!

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Welcome to my week 21, our Pink Pixie baby is a wiggly wriggler, and my poor husband has endured hours enjoying the fund game of "feel my tummy" hehe, 

You may remember by purchase of the H&M maternity clothing? (click to view week 19)

Well I am NOT impressed :-(  The maternity jeans are a really tough denim with no stretch what so ever.. I bought a size 18 with the intention of having plenty of room, but they were TINY, more like a 14, I could barely get them past my knees.  Not impressed at all.  

The grey maternity top/jumper however isn't bad, its a little scratchy and the belt is stitched on which means you have to tie the bow at the front, where as I would like to wear it at the side, but the colour and fit are surprisingly flattering, I see they also do a wine colour, so I think I will be adding one of those to my wardrobe as well.

This leaves us with a maternity jean shortage... All is not lost...I do have some good news and the answer for EVERY pregnant lady out there!!!

I took a trip to Mothercare, and grabbed a pair of skinny over bump jeans, and I have to say I am really very impressed with them, they are super stretchy and very comfortable, I would have bought a few pairs but at £32.00 each, I will have to make just the one pair last.

Blooming Marvelous at Mothercare
Black Skinny Jeans

Priced at:
£32.00 & £3.95 P&P = £35.95

These jeans really come highly rated by me, however there is quite a big "BUT" Yes these are stretchy and comfortable.... However it means they keep slipping! EVERY single time you bend, or sit they slip and by lunch time its almost unbearable, I've seen so many pregnant women with a saggy jean bottom, very very annoying.  Don't worry I have the answer!

Presenting: Maternity Suspenders!

These are "Maternity Suspenders" and they are quite possibly
the best thing I have bought this pregnancy! so much so that we have
sourced some very funky colours for our store (click here to view)

I personally wear them under a top and they are completely invisible,
however we have some very funky designs which
you can wear as a statement.

They are particularly good with these jeans from Blooming Marvelous,
as their maternity jeans have a small lip around the top of the waist band which is perfect to attach your maternity suspenders, (see below for image)
almost perfectly designed for the purpose.  

CLICK HERE TO VIEW                                                                                                                                                              

Attach to jeans!


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