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Hands up.. Who's a Pregnant-Mom-Zilla? 25 Weeks Pregnant

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Forgive me readers its been 3 weeks since my last blog post. ;-)

Well I have now made it to week 25 of pregnancy, things are really starting to get real and FAST.  The only problem is that I seem to have turned into Mom-zilla, I will quite happily chew some one up and spit out the bones with out even breaking stride.. and in honesty its mainly directed to my poor husband, I don't know why..? I just feel like every thing he says or does is constructed purely to get under my skin and annoy me.  I hope this isn't just me?  (if it IS just me then I take it all back and I'm a lovely happy person LOL)

I have to admit that I am getting the occasional melt down for no apparent reason, or at least a reason that is only clear to me... For instance, I may have imploded a few evenings ago, because I couldn't figure out what to cook for dinner, there were tears and tantrums :-P
To make matters worse,  Dear hubby only went and asked for pizza and chips.. the CHEEK! Did he not know I didn't have enough chips in the freezer? Some one please tell him that the correct answer was "you sit down darling and I will do dinner" and that does NOT mean a takeaway, because does he not know I am trying to avoid getting fatter than I already am?

Which leads me to my next pregnancy related observation gripe, I know friends and family are trying to be kind and I will admit that there may be no right response to "agghhhh I'm getting fat" but I find the answer "No your not your pregnant..." is really frustrating, I mean, YES I can see that I am getting a fair sizes bump, HOWEVER I am talking about, the bingo wing, chin doubling, back cleavage, bottom wobbling kind of weight... its not fun :-(  and lets not pretend its not there because it plainly is!  Its funny really, because, when I lose 1lb, but dear husband notices straight away, but if I gain 5lb... he cant tell any difference hahahah bless his little cotton socks, after 10 years he is finally learning.

I hope this wort's and all hormonal blog post helps to make just one lady feel like a normal person then I will call success!


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